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Tana is wonderful to work with and really listens to my needs and voice. She makes social media easy for me and engaging for my clients. The results have been amazing.

 I recommend her to any small business owner that wants to increase their social media presence and clients.

Tana has been a life saver! Our social media presence has grown 100 fold. We are getting real leads off of our ads. She just makes everything look better. She has a great eye and her posts sound A TON better than when i was trying to do it.

From her photos, to ads, to print materials, all around it is far more polished, appealing and now we are actually getting noticed and business from it.

Tana has done an outstanding job with our social campaigns. The content and graphics work is really top notch. Everything is done on time and on schedule. The team here a Four Seasons Landscape could not be happier.

Tana took one of our Instagram profiles off our hands and I'm SO glad I decided to hand it over! It saves me so much time and the account continues to grow with real followers.
Highly Recommend The Social Age!

Tana at The Social Age is simply amazing!! She completed my branding package for me about a year ago, and I still love it!! She was able to capture me, and my business! She is outstanding!

Tana is outstanding at helping small businesses increase their social media presence and revenue!

Tana is nothing short of excellent in her Social Media experience. Our FB and instagram business account went from sporadic posting at best with very little if any engagement to now having consistent posting and a steady stream of engagement from customers. 

We are very happy with Tana and Social Age and would highly recommend this business to anyone that wants their social media to portray how great of a business they are. Her ability to bring a business's character to life through social media is remarkable...thank you Tana and Social Age!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need really need a Social Media Manager?

In short, yes! There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes with social media marketing. Aside from your normal job duties, you now have an entire new platform to interact with customers, field questions, create + schedule content, monitor trends and analytics, create a content calendar, and try new trends to continually optimize your social media strategy. Trust me, it’s a lot. As a business owner, you already wear a lot of hats! Let’s pass this one off to an expert.

What platforms work best for my business?

Depending on your industry and goals, this changes for EVERYONE. Some clients only need Facebook, while others use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. It varies! Drop me your email on my Contact page, and we can chat more about what a solid social media marketing strategy looks like for you.

What social media platforms do you work with?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter

I already have a Social Media Manager. Do you do paid advertising as a stand alone service?

You bet I do! This is where things get really fun. Watching the analytics roll in and seeing results is where my heart thrives! The Social Advertiser package is priced based on YOUR needs.

I’m ready to start doing Social Media Marketing for my business, but I’m not in love with the vibe we’re putting out. Can you help me improve my brand before we go live?

ABSOLUTELY! Often small businesses choose a logo, a couple of colors, and Viola! That’s their brand. When going live with social media, your brand and the vibe it creates is suddenly under the eye of thousands of social media users, and ultimately potential customers. You want to make sure it’s a good vibe! I love helping my clients create a cohesive and impactful brand before going live on social media. Think of it as an insurance policy to having a really successful launch and overall strategy.

Why should I use social media?

3.5 Billion people have social media profiles. Day by day, the amount people use social media increases. Every day that goes by that you’re not on social media is a potential sale lost. The new generations search on Facebook or Instagram before using Google.

Whats the difference between a post and an ad?

A social media post goes out to your organic audience, those that have followed or liked your page. An ad is a targeted post with it’s own budget. It has a meticulous strategy behind it, and it can target users based on where they live, how engaged they are with online shopping, their occupation, etc. The list of demographics is endless when considering paid ads.

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